High Frequency welding also name as Fusion welding process. Electron beam welding (EBW) is a fusion joining process that produces a weld by impinging a beam of high energy electrons to heat the weld joint. An electron beam welding gun uses a high intensity electron beam to target a weld joint. The weld joint converts the electron beam to the heat input required to make a fusion weld.

High Frequency welded (HFW) Light Gauge H-Beams are being widely used in landmark projects, residential building, supermarkets, public buildings, industrial buildings etc.


  • Fast construction time to maximize returns for developers.
  • Large cost savings by reducing structure weights, as structural members may be customized to specific thicknesses, cross sections and lengths.
  • Maximize container loading thereby reduces shipping costs.
  • Minimum wastage during production and fabrication.
  • Efficiency for architectural and structural designs.