Metal Door

All AXTRADA metal frames, bearing the AXTRADA hallmark of quality and reliability, are fully ensured of all the following environmental, construction & engineering advantages:
  • Higher cost-effectiveness or more economical than timber frames.
  • Environment-friendly, 100% recyclable.
  • Will not warp, shrink, distort, rot or be damaged by pest attacks.
  • Fast & simple installation.
  • Lightweight & easy transportation.
  • Aesthetical with built-in architraves & convenient with in-built hinges.
  • Striker plate & lock pocket and shock absorbing buffers.
  • Generally, do not require lintel & hailstone.
  • Forming an integral part of the wall & enhance its structural strength
  • Provide a smooth, clean & neat finish to brickwork.
  • No additional surface preparation & readily paintable.
A) AXTRADA KD-118 Metal Door Frame knocked Down System
B) AXTRADA BU-118 Metal Door Frame Built-Up System

Window Frame

AXTRADA also manufactures a wide range of outstanding quality Metal Window Frames from the same proven performer -JIS G 3313 Certified Electro Galvanised Steel Strips. The following Comprehensive list of Metal Door and Window Frame with a wide array of configurations for different applications further exemplifies the hallmark of quality & versatility:
  • Adjustable Louver Window Frame (Single or multiple bays)
  • Fixed Louver Window Frame (Single or multiple bays)
  • Adjustable & Fixed Louver Combination Window Frame Single or multiple bays)
  • Casement Window Frame
  • Top Hung Window Frame
  • Casement & Top Hung Combination Window Frame
  • Door & Window Combination Frame