logo_smlmanufactures a comprehensive range of high quality door frames. The materials used are Certified Electro Galvanised Steel Strips conforming to all metal frames.
State-of-the-art Roll-Forming machinery and up-to-date technology are employed in the manufacturing process; combined with professional workmanship, comprehensive technical and stringent quality control, every metal frame built is truly a craftsmanship of superior quality.


Hot-Dipped Galvanized,
Electro Galvanized Steel.

Head & jamb exclusive 14-fold (130WA 42,
130WA 50, 140WA, 150WA, 156WA) /
8-fold rollformed profile (100std).

Tagged, mitred, welded & treated /
Patented Knocked-Down (KD-118) System.



All AXTRADA metal frames, bearing the AXTRADA hallmark of quality and reliability, are fully ensured of all the following economical, environmental, constructional & engineering advantages:

  • Higher cost effectiveness or more economical than timber frames
  • Environment friendly, 100% recyclable
  • Will not warp, shrink, distort, rot or be damaged by pest attacks
  • Fast & simple installation
  • Light weight & easy transportation
  • Aesthetical with built in architraves & convenient with in-built hinges
  • Striker plate & lock pocket and shock absorbing buffers
  • Generally do not require lintel & heelstone
  • Forming an integral part of the wall & enhance its structural strength
  • Provide a smooth, clean & neat finish to brickwork
  • No additional surface preparation & readily paintable

(A) AXTRADA KD-1 18 Metal Door Frame Knocked-Down System

AXTRADA KD-1 18 Knock-Down System Metal Door Frame is a patented innovation with advantages not found in the conventional built-up system to fulfill the specific needs of both the retailers and builders. The benefits of AXTRADA KD-1 18 Knocked-Down System are:

  • Door Frame members (Head & Jambs) and accessories (hinges, brick ties, screws, striker plate & lock pocket, shock absorbing buffers and spreader bars) are properly packed for economical and convenient transportation to the store or construction site.
  • Remarkable savings in storage and work space.
  • Neat and light weight packing of 9.5 kg per set and hence no damage is caused to the protective coating on the frame.
  • No welding is done to the frame and hence no damage is coused to the protective coating on the frame.
  • No experienced worker or special tool is required to assemble the frame, but just follow the 3 simple steps of Assembly process Shown as below.


(B) AXTRADA BU-118 Metal Door Frame Built-Up System

AXTRADA BU- 118 Built-Up System Metal Door Frame is an alternative system available for the choice of builders or any other user to suit their constructionol needs. Albeit being without the odvor,irin fe of fte Knocked-Down System, BU-118 Builyt-Up System has the following functional benefits:

  • Door Frame members and accessories are fuly & rigidly assembled by welding & fastening to become a complete structure.
  • No assembling work is necessary at site
  • Remarkable savings In labour cost and time


metal-frame_15 metal-frame_18




  • Hinges: Plated. 100mm loose pin slottrd and welded in vertical. 3pce per frame
  • Shock Absorbing Buffers :2 pcs per closing jambs
  • Adjustable Striker Plate
  • Brick Ties : 3 pcs per frame
  • Adaptor Bar: 3 pcs per frame
  • Fixed Glass Louver Holders (optional)
  • Mild Steel Security Bars (oplional)


AXTRADA Metal Door Frames, whether it is the AXTRADA KD-118 Knocked-Down System or the BU-1 18 Built-Up System, are manufactured to perfection complete with quality in-built hinges, door stops & architraves, striker plate & lock pocket and shock absorning buffers. Further strengthened by the spreader bar at the heels, the AXTRADA Metal Door Frames form an integral part of the wall and hence add to its structural strength.

AXTRADA Metal Door Frames give user the flexibility of either integrating them with feature facia bricks or plastering. All AXTRADA Metal Door Frames are made to the exact requirements of the doors for which they are intended. With the wire brick ties (to brickworks) or R.C. column adaptors / adaptor straps. the AXTRADA Metal Door Frames require no nails or lintels but just 6 easy steps of installation shown below:




logo_smlalso manufactures a wide range of outstanding quality Metal Window Frames from the same proven performer – JIS G 3313 Certified Electro Galvanised Steel Strips. The following comprehensive list of Metal Door and Window Frame with a wide array of configurations for different applications further exemplifies the hallmark of quality & versatility:

  • Adjustable Louver Window Frame (Single or multiple bays)
  • Fixed Louver Window Frame (Single or multiple bays)
  • Adjustable & Fixed Louver Combination Window Frame (Single or multiple bays)
  • Casement Window Frame
  • Top Hung Window Frame
  • Casement & Top Hung Combination Window Frame
  • Door & Window Combination Frame